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Earpollution is:

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: Craig Young.

Senior Editor: Mark Teppo.

Architecture and Design: Jeff Ashley, Mark Teppo, Craig Young.

Contributing Writers, Editors, and Mayhem Makers: Jeff Ashley, Dan Cullity, Eric J. Iannelli, Edgar Ortega, Mark Teppo, Steve Weatherholt, Craig Young.

Additional Contributing Writers: Cecil Beatty-Yasutake, Brian Cassidy, Al Cordray, Edna Gonzalez, Paul Goracke, Bruce Gordon, Tricia Haber, Erik Hage, Jason Haines, Sabrina Haines, Will Halby, Jennifer Johnson, Ole Kirk, Jordon Leigh, Hope Lopez, Peter Markham, Danny Murphy, Tiber Scheer, Steve Stav, Bill Thorness, Bill Wolford, Brad Willis, Kenny Younts, Robert Zverina.

Photography: Cecil Beatty-Yasutake, Robert Blaylock, Dan Cullity, Edna Gonzalez, Paul Goracke, Jeff Greenwood, Erik Hage, Sabrina Haines, Eric J. Iannelli, Ole Kirk, Josh Lackey, Hope Lopez, Peter Markham, Danny Murphy, Ruth Oclander, John Perry, Mark Teppo, Steve Weatherholt, Bill Wolford, Craig Young, Robert Zverina.

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