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As fans of music first, our goal and desire is to share these passions with our free thinking readers in a non-commercial, non-obtrusive format. While our opinions are as varied as our music, we feel strongly that our credibility as a magazine is directly linked to the respect we have for our readers' intelligence. As such, we are committed to offering honest commentary on music and other related topics in an independent format devoid of the advertising and other flashy gimmickry that tries to make consumers out of readers. We view both our firm DIY ethic and our diversity as individuals as strengths, and combined with the passion we have for music we look forward to maintaining a viable web presence.

We hope you enjoy what you read and that Earpollution has a positive impact on the music you listen to.


Since going live on 01 January, 1999, Earpollution has been featured and reviewed by a number of different media outlets -- online, in print, and over the airwaves. A few of the more notables:

NPR's "All Things Considered" (23 February, 1999)
The Seattle Times (Website of the week, Sunday edition, 14 February, 1999)
ZDNet's "Site of the Day" (01, March 1999)
Music Connection (Vol. XXIII, No. 6, 15-28 March, 1999)

One Reel (E-mail received 31 August, 1999)

-----Original Message-----
From: Amy Wilcox
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 10:14 PM

Greetings from One Reel PR. We just read your review of WOMAD and it is brilliant. Thanks so much for the great photos and reviews, you guys really captured the essence of the Festival and why we worked so hard to bring it here to the Northwest.

Amy Wilcox,
Public Relations Assistant

Tipworld "Site of the Day" (15 September, 2000)

Today's Site: Earpollution

Stylish, dark, cynical, abrasive, confrontational, passionate, and extremely topical, Earpollution is a music e-zine that isn't shy about mixing musico-political rants in with the album reviews. Caustic blurbs about the salsa-dominated wasteland of pop radio bounce off profiles of grunge bass players. The Live Reviews section ranges far and wide to document interesting shows. The links directory is designed unusually and with surprising effectiveness -- Earpollution disregards the standard multilevel link format in favor of drop-down menus stuffed with choices. Album reviews are brief, dense, and roam from Neil Young to They Might Be Giants to Urban Dance Squad.

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Earpollution: This webzine is one of the sharpest looking, easiest to navigate online fanzines currently out there. These folks are committed to being a non-commercial (that's right, no freakin banner ads!) vehicle for expressing passionate views on a wide range of music styles.

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