[ click here for the mc 900ft jesus interview ] In October 1999, eP's Jeff Ashley wrote a feature story calling for any information about Mark Griffin, aka MC 900ft Jesus, and his absence from the "popular" music scene. After its publication, numerous people began contacting Jeff, inquiring about any further information on Mark. Now, nearly two years later, in a rare interview Mark Griffin sits down with Jeff and goes into detail regarding everything from his absence, to the future of his 900 foot alter ego. [ click here for the bloodthorn interview ] Born in the fire of battle, perhaps Bloodthorn can shed some light on our future, enlighten us of their past and show us the future for Tower Bloodthorn and ourselves. Our guide is Harald, the ground shaking bass-rumbler and a particularly charismatic and imaginative guy, who, among other things he learned while recording Bloodthorn's futuristic war epic, Under the Reign of Terror, shows us some nifty steps for eliminating rats from the studio.

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