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Debbieford.com Welcomes You!; Madonna Condoms; PJ Harvey Wins Mercury Prize; Pitchshifter Launch Strings-2go; German Church Begins 639-Year-Long Organ Piece; House Plants Write Music, Seek Recording Contract; Murder City Devils Call It Quits; Grand Royal Closes; R.I.P. Atari Teenage Riot's Carl Crack; The Darkness of Mere Being.

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In October 1999 eP's Jeff Ashley wrote a feature story calling for any information about Mark Griffin, aka MC 900ft Jesus, and his absence from the "popular" music scene. Nearly two years later, Mark Griffin sits down with Jeff in a rare interview. Born in the fire of battle, perhaps Bloodthorn can shed some light on our future, enlighten us of their past. Sabrina Haines sits down with our guide Harald, the ground shaking bass-rumbler of Bloodthorn, and a particularly charismatic and imaginative guy.

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The Murder City Devils, Thelema; Aeon, Dark Order; Ah Cama-Sotz, Mantra; Somatic Responses, Accidental Happiness; Railway Raver, You'll Never Get Anywhere by Spending All Day Playing around with That Bloody Drum Machine; Heather Duby/Elemental; Seldom, Places I Haven't Seen; Vromb Interlüder; The Starting Line, With Hopes of Starting Over...; The Cutthroats 9, Anger Management.

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