[ click here for the mike watt interview ] The influence of Mike Watt and his bass is undeniable. The music of his solo endeavors and his two former bands, Minutemen and fIREHOSE, have irrevocably changed the landscape of punk and alternative music as we know it, and his indomitable work ethic is the stuff of legend. Earpollution Editor Craig Young catches up with Watt in New York to find out why his D.I.Y. manifesto is not just a choice to be followed as it is simply the only path there is. [ click here for the experience music project profile ] The Experience Music Project is not just a architectural monstrosity dreamed up by avant architect Frank Gehry. It's also Paul Allen's tribute to Jimi Hendrix and all things rock and roll. Part dusty museum, part Disneyland-style sensory overload, part moving tribute to musicians, EMP is not to be easily dismissed or ignored. eP sent Mark Teppo to EMP's opening festivities to scout out the new landscape and report back on exactly what all the fuss is about.

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