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Napster Versus RIAA; Woodstock '99 Versus The Facts; The The Versus Corporate Monster; Danish Police Hold Pearl Jam Responsible; Pearl Jam to Release 25 Live Albums; Turbo Negro Tribute Album; Whatever Happened to Sportin' Greg Nortin.

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The influence of Mike Watt and his bass has irrevocably changed the landscape of punk and alternative music as we know it. Editor Craig Young catches up with Watt to find out why his D.I.Y. manifesto is not just a choice to be followed as much as it is simply the only path there is. Seattle has marked itself on the rock and roll map again with the opening of Paul Allen's Experience Music Project. eP got in on some of the festivities and after furiously taking in as much as possible during its grand opening, scribe Mark Teppo files a report on the music and the experience.

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Imagine the hours in the day when you really do get to listen to your music exclusively. It's sad but usually we are at the mercy of the radio and employment music gods and they aren't very forgiving. The only hours that are truly mine are the ride into work and the ride home. I drive slow as hell 'cause it's all good as long as the drive home lasts and you have good music. Except for "The Hour of Freedom," it's either a Salsa Feast or a Death Metal Dessert.

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