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Get Well Soon, Chuck; Whitney Houston Rolls a Fat One; Mumia Benefit Money to Go to Families of Slain Cops; Prison Guard Arrested in Woodstock Rape; Mark Chapman Up for Parole; Thieves are Scum (Garth Brooks Must Die remix); It's a Small World After All.

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Inside February's issue, eP's Mark Teppo attempts to pigeonhole Canadian chanteuse Jane Siberry and discovers himself at a loss for descriptive words, while Steve Weatherholt finds the elusive Girl Trouble to ask them about Granny Go-Go, why they don't make compromises, why you don't mess with the art and, above all, why you always keep the show going!

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Here at Earpollution, we spend a lot of time sifting through wonderful little snippets of music that, up until now, haven't had a place to call home in the full length Album Reviews section. So this month, we bring you Singles: a collection of reviews of the numerous seven inches, CD singles, mp3s and demos that come our way and deserve a little notice. And hey...we got sound bites for you to cuddle up with, too!

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