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Ted Nugent sports wood for video games, Diana Ross gets arrested, Eminem gets grounded, Graham Nash lies and tells us his legs were really broken by the Mafia, the seriousness of the further dwindling all ages scene, Talvin Singh and Nels Cline win awards, an open letter to Nine Inch Nails, and eP's Jeff Ashley goes in search of MC 900 Ft. Jesus.
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In addition to doing more damage to an already awful tan at Bumbershoot, this month Mark Teppo goes head-to-head with Percy Howard to talk about music and passion, God and the Devil, and who's got the better literary quote at their fingertips. There's a conflagration going on under the skin of this man and eP gets close enough to singe some eyebrows and roast some marshmallows.

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2,000 artists, 74 acres, 18 stages, 4 days and the physical press of nearly a quarter million people. What is it? It's Bumbershoot, Seattle's summer-end blowout and the biggest block party around. In October's Cool By Proxy Earpollution sends in troops to the front lines to report back on what makes this Labor Day Festival the place to be.

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