[ click here for the laika profile ] Mark Teppo, once again playing his own version of street football, has gone deep and come back with another band heíll make you sorry youíve not heard. This time itís Laika, named after the first dog in space, who meld South Seas polyrhythmic structures with jazzy vocals, deep space electronics, and burbling guitars. True music for the next millenium. [ click here for the alex newport interview ] Alex Newport is best known as the driving wall of guitar behind early '90s noise makers, Fudge Tunnel. Dissatisfied with Fudge Tunnel's recording sound, Newport took it upon himself to learn the engineering processs and has been perfecting his craft ever since. Craig Young catches up with Newport to discuss the Fudge Tunnel phenomenon, run-ins with the Nottingham Vice Squad, engineering that big, bad guitar sound, and why Pearl Jam have a lot to answer for.

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