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RIAA Updates Parental Advisory Labels; Rage Against the Machine Bassist Disrupts MTV Awards; Mark Chapman Up for Parole; Judge fines MP3.com $250 Million; Courtney Love Demands Awarded Money in My.MP3.com Case; Earpollution Product Placement; Ozzy to Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame: "It's a Joke"; American Medical Student Association to Hold Candelight Vigil for the Uninsured; Seattle Mayor Vetoes All Ages Dance Ordinance.

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If there were any justice in the world and we were judged on the merits of our creative genius and steadfast work ethic, most of the past decade would belong to Nottingham noiseniks Pitchshifter. Editor Craig Young catches up once again with these eP faves. Earpollution scribe Mark Teppo does some word-based ink blots with performance artist and poet Nicole Blackman. Delving deep into the history of Dead Inside, one of the seminal albums of the last decade, Mark examines the dark melancholy Blackman brings to her work.

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For the 30th anniversary of Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, The Earpollution gang packed sunscreen, stockpiled batteries for their cameras, sharpened their pencils, and waxed their elbows in preparation of the event. We won't pretend that we saw it all--no single individual could--but we bring you the interesting and the arresting of Bumbershoot 2000, eP-style.

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