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R.I.P. Curtis Mayfield and The Lone Ranger; Boy George almost crushed by glitterball, not ego; George Harrison stabbed; Celine Dion at the funeral parlor and under investigation; Thieves Are Scum (Are You Kidding Me? remix); Yoko Ono turns lead into Lennon; Paul McCartney and sex; Bill Gates must die; and Know Your Enemy: The World Trade Organization.

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Earpollution's Jeff Ashley crawls into the cage and gets a finger under the mask of Slipknot. The only reason he doesn't lose a finger has to do with the soothing influence of Fleetwood Mac. Jeff goes toe-to-toe with "1" from Slipknot, and then teams up with eP's Mark Teppo to yank out the soapbox from underneath Meg Lee Chin and Jared Louche, discovering what prompts rock 'n' roll stars to chuck the band and hit the road on their own.

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New year, new millennium, new calendar on your wall. But some things are constant: passion and music. The Sixty Minute Soundtrack returns with "The Hour of Seduction," a look at the connection between the palpitations of your heart and the palpitations of the beat. Tick-tock, you can't stop, baby.

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