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Mike: Rhythms were really the focal point of getting this thing started. And the idea was "let's have everything be unique and have every song be different."

Cadoo: Let's face it...drum machines are getting fucking boring. The sampler and the computer are your friends; exploit these tools and make these things work for you.

Mike: We did our whole first album on an old, beat-up, shitty sampler that wouldn't hold a megabyte worth of memory. And that is still a beautiful sounding machine. I love that thing.

How was the tour with Individual Totem?

Mike: We only did three dates with Individual Totem on the West Coast. And then we played in New York for the CMJ conference. It went really well, the Seattle show was actually the best show on the tour by far. The sound was great, the people at the club were great.

Are you going to tour for Further? How will this tour be different? Who will you tour with?

Mike: It depends on the right opportunity,

Cadoo: I know that we are both jazzed to get back in and write some more. That's what we're going to focus on right now, but if the right opportunity comes along we would be stupid to turn it down.

Mike: If we toured it would be pretty much the same as the last tour. We have a real solid grasp of the audio experience, so maybe we would enhance it with film and lighting.

[ individual totem - mind sculptures flesh ]

Cadoo: Fields of Nephilim are back together, we could tour with them.

Do you think Aquaman was gay?

Cadoo: Oh, Aquaman... definitely. I think the fact that he was a little fishy.

Tell me about a day job of a Gridlock guy.

Cadoo: I'm not proud of this but I have seasonal work, and I work up in Canada and I club baby harp seals for their fur. Just kidding, I'm a candy maker. I make all kinds of candy.

Mike: I'm a software tester. I'm the geek. Actually we are both geeks.

What are you guys working on today? What will your next album be like?

Mike: We have been practicing for the record release parties. And since then we've just been tinkering around.

Cadoo: The next album will be a drum 'n' bass polka with a twist of lemon. Actually we have no idea. It will just come as it comes.

What kind of feedback have you been getting since the release of Further?

Cadoo: Really good. We thought that this album would not be received as well as the last album. And I think we didn't give the industrial audience enough credit. We said, the people who like the last album will like this one, and the people who didn't like the last one won't like the new one. And that's where we were wrong. We've had people say "I thought the first one was ok, but I really like this one [Further]. And we don't get that at all; it's very surprising.

Are there any radio stations playing Further?

Mike: Yeah, the college radio stations are. It's doing pretty well.

Cadoo: "Sever" seems to be the popular track.

Do you think Ted Nugent is really a hunter?

Mike: Ted Nugent is definitely a hunter, the Nuge is out there with his bare teeth and his claws eating them raw.

[ enzyme ]

Where do you find your strongest promotion and awareness?

Cadoo: We just make music--the artwork, the promotion, everything like that is secondary to us. It's a bonus that we're on a label, and it's a super bonus that we're on a label that we like and that we get along with. And it's an even bigger bonus that people like what were doing.

Mike: Exactly. That people like what were doing and that we have an avenue to give it to them. You know the way record labels work, they want to sell units. So they promote. We've always been kind of promotion whores in a sense. I heard someone say, "I was up in San Francisco and saw flyers all over the place, someone must be taking care of you guys." And it not that someone is taking care of us, we're taking care of us. We try to promote as much as we can for certain things. If we played a show in Atlanta we can't do much promotion, maybe we could do some radio or magazine interview but we can't do much.

Is the millennium bug going to fuck-up all your equipment? Can we expect an acoustic album?

Mike: I hope not. Y2K is all hype.

Cadoo: I will be singing hymns that I learned from going to church with my mom.

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