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RIAA vs. MP3, ASCAP vs. the world, behind the musical lines in Albania, On the Curb with today's youth, Lukin Leaves Mudhoney, Mushroom leaves the Attack, "Bones" leaves this world, and the Jesus Lizard just leave. Interviews with Maktub, David Thomas and The Hellacopters. Reviews of Les Lokey, Cathedral, Front Line Assembly, Kultur Shock, Girl Trouble, Rammstein, and three days lost in Bellingham at Garage Shock.
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Earpollution's Brian Cassidy dips into the musical pallette of Pere Ubu's David Thomas to find out more about Mirror Man, his presence as a conductor and why Pavement owe a great deal to the Ubu. In July's other Profile, eP hops onboard the locomotive sonic boom of The Hellacopters as they conquer America one stop at a time.

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At Café Vitta on Seattle's Capitol Hill, Earpollution's Hope Lopez does coffee talk with Seattle's neo-Soul band Maktub. As she nursed her latte, she found out what the band was listening to and allowed the band members Alex Veley, Davis Martin, Kevin Goldsmith and Reggie Watts to talk amongst themselves about the release of the long-awaited debut, Subtle Ways, their DIY creative process and their cover of a Whitesnake song. Yes, you heard correctly; Whitesnake. [Note to band: guys, just stick to the Jeff Buckley cover, please]

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