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Muslimgauze, Baker, KMFDM, Vicki C.--R.I.P.; under the needle and once around the turntable with DJ Krush; checking in with D.O.A.; live reviews of Bandemonium, Black Sabbath, D.O.A., Meridiem, and Sadhappy; reviews of albums by Diamond-Fist Werny, Haujobb, Ice Cube, Andrea Parker, Portishead, Rorschach Test, Scarnella, plus a dozen more; and going Godzilla on the Corporate Monsters of Music.
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Inside the dark recesses of February's Profiles, contributing writer Mark Teppo gets a handle on one of the inspirational forces in the realms of Downtempo and Big Beats, DJ Krush. Mixing elements of traditional jazz with wild turntable stylings and thick beats, Krush is building a better machine for the next century.

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This month's Cool By Proxy takes a ride with D.O.A., the oldest running Hardcore band in North America, possibly the world for that matter. Climb on board as Steve Weatherholt talks to Joey Shithead about the band's last album, riots in Seattle, benefit concerts, and a whole lot more.

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