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Lost not found: Sonic Youth and JSBX suffer at the hands of thieves, Virgin Megastores' megaplans for customized Internet music, Clubs around the U.S. go online and live, The Who sells out, Therapy? find a new home, R.I.P. Mark Sandman, and Chuck Schuldiner...get well soon!
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Earpollution's Mark Teppo returns from his initial foray into the land of Intelligent Dance Music with a profile of a little label in Canada that if you've not heard of yet, you will, because he's got the lowdown on the lo-fi sound of Suction Records. And Robert Zverina travels to the backwoods of Brooklyn and Marlborough Farms to tune into the homespun sounds of The Ladybug Transistor and to find why music makes their house a home.

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Hey ho let's go! On the eve of a retrospective release by Rhino Records, eP Editor Craig Young talks with Johnny Ramone about what it was like to be ground zero in the punk revolution, the seminal influence of the Ramones, the undying loyalty of their fans, and why he would have traded in his guitar for a baseball bat twenty-five years ago.

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