Hello all, this is Lee from Sonic Youth here, we have had a fucked up situation come down on us over this last night-a brand new Ryder truck parked at a Ramada Inn in Orange County with ALL OF OUR GEAR IN IT was STOLEN! All of our guitars, tools, amplifiers, drums, synth -- EVERYTHING. We are fucked, both for the show tonight at the "This Ain't No Picnic" here in Orange Co., and for shows upcoming this week in Austin and Santa Fe. Our guitars are all mostly older and either very modified and/or fucked up/beat up. They are unmistakably ours, as are some of the amps, including my own 60s Fender Concert with the red/blue/yellow "Jasper Johns-style" target on it.

We are asking ANYONE with ANY INFORMATION about this to get in touch with us as soon as possible by calling our man Aaron Blitzstein in New York City at 212.343.2314, or via email to mascaras66@aol.com. Call collect if you want to. Please no pranks, all, this is really serious--all the gear we've used to write our last few LPs worth of stuff, instruments used for songs old and new which if truly lost will mean those songs will be lost forever. Help us out if you can, there will be a reward for any info, I'm sure. All our road cases, etc, are fully marked up with our name on them, the gtrs are so unusual that they won't really be too hard to mistake. ANY info at all will be appreciated. If the thieves themselves read this, I'm sure we'd rather buy the stuff back from you than lose it forever (you fukkerz). here are some descriptions of gear:

drums: green satin flame 60s Gretch kit (w"paisley" glow in dark kik head
Fender ToneMaster head and 4x12 cabinet design" spraypainted on front)
PeeVey RoadMaster Head
Marshal 4x12 cab
Mesa Boogie 400+ bass head/4x10 cab/18" cab
Fender Bassman head (two!)/ 2x12 fender cab
Fender presicion Bass
Gibson Les Paul Jr w snoopy sticker
Fender Jazzmasters and Jaguars--lots of 'em, mostly modified to hell (orig electronix pulled, diff p/u's etc) and usually way beat up.
Travis Beans--1 koa wood, one red beat to shit
White roadcase/briefcase full of gtr tools

We will post more equip info later...thanks in advance for any help... PLEASE PASS THIS LIST ON TO ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE OF HELP!

---Lee/Sonic Youth